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Services AMSOIL


I am happy to offer Amsoil lubes and products.  Amsoil is without question one of the best performing oil products available.  It’s a rare day that a company skips expensive advertising and focuses on making better oil.  They sponsor racers, support some of the biggest events in the country and include an independent dealer network to get the word out.  Amsoil is still barely known but they have brought many “firsts” to the industry in their 40 year history.  Almost everything you see in the general marketplace for premium lubes was first invented and produced by this little Wisconsin company.  This includes synthetic oils.  Amsoil is the first in the world to gain API certification back in 1972. 


There may still be great debate on synthetics, but it’s well known that nothing works better- drastically better.  Many car and truck manufactures install synthetic oils before leaving the factory.  This has been common practice for over 15 years and much longer in other industries like Aviation and Military.  More recently nearly every major company uses synthetics.  Despite the higher up-front cost, the benefits are many.  This includes reduced wear, reduced operating costs, extended equipment life and increased MPG.  Synthetic oils also typically last longer, some up to 25,000 miles.  Even 10 year old cars can call for a 10,000 mile oil change interval and some 20 year old cars call for 7,500 miles.  Doing so with “regular” oil is not a good idea!  Oddly enough, oil back then was actually able to protect better.  Key additives have been removed to reduce tail-pipe emissions, but to the detriment of engine protection.  Amsoil offers options for all equipment needs both old and new.  Amsoil has the largest selection of specific lube products available for just about anything you own: from car to atv to boat to semi-truck and yard equipment too.